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Exploring Digital is an innovative company developing the exciting new worlds of XR, Virtual Production, and Metaverse applications. Our key areas of expertise include:

  • MegaverseTM VR Theater
  • Metaverse
  • Virtual Production
  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality
  • Mixed Reality

MegaverseTM VR Theater

Megaverse is a uniquely immersive collection of multisensory VR experiences created by our in-house team to take VR to the next level.


We have an extensive experince in creating metaverse apps that span multiple platforms and fulfill various purposes.

Virtual Production

Our studio in Mobile, Alabama has virtual production capabilities featuring two different LED volume configurations and custom world/set design capabilities.

Augmented Reality

We build custom AR apps for all smart device platforms. Our capabilities include gamification, promotions, healthcare, real estate, and training.

Virtual Reality

We can create a 360 fully immersive VR experience compatible with every headset available. We are also offering video and 3D design services.

Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality is the next frontier. If you are seeking a new way to combine the digital with the real world, we can help you navigate this emerging field.

Our Projects

MegaverseTM VR Experiences

Megaverse is a uniquely immersive collection of VR experiences created by our in-house team to take VR to the next level.

Atlanta Meta World

Atlanta Meta World is a photo-realistic representation of 22-acre park in the heart of downtown Atlanta.

Adrestia Trailer

LED Walls offer productions the ability to quickly adjust details in a virtual world and get back to filming without the real world delays.

Augmented Reality

We offer the ability to “augment” your business cards, signs, or brochures with a virtual 3D object or video.

Police Training VR Simulator

In police training VR simulator where trainer and trainee can interact live from different locations in immersive lifelike environments.

Mixed Reality

Our team of experts specialize in creating customizable mixed reality apps from iOS, Android and any other operating system.

Our Advantage

Extensive Experience

Over 15 years of content production and technology experience.

U.S. Based

Our offices located in Atlanta, GA and Mobile, AL.

Proven Track Record

Long list of satisfied customers and successful large-scale project.

Cutting Edge Technologies

AR, VR, MR, game development, filmmaking.

Our Clients

Meet Our Team

Dave Walens
Co-Founder & CEO
Matt Kelly
Co-Founder, COO & President
Heather Van Riper
VP of Sales & Marketing
Mikhail Zhavoronkov
Chief Information Officer
Nathaniel Noun
Chief Content Officer
Charles Phanthapannha
Chief Development Officer

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