A Portal To Another Dimension

A new immersive gaming VR platform that is jaw dropping fun with unparalleled freedom.

VR Experience Unlike Any Other

Megaverse is a uniquely immersive collection of VR experiences created by our in-house team to take VR to the next level. Each experience in the Megaverse is designed to trigger haptics within the physical room of your playing area which means that interactions with specific objects inside the experience will cause the room to react in different and exciting ways. Explore the wide variety of experiences that are currently available, no experience is the same!

Megaverse Experiences

Vertical Limit

Face your fears as you make your way to the top of the city and send your opponents all the way down to their doom. To be the robotic king of the mountain, you will have to navigate your way across slim walkways, ascending lifts, using precise timing to cross disappearing platforms, all while trying to sabotage your competitors by blasting the platforms beneath them. Beware if you have a strong fear of heights. This game will truly test your Vertical Limit.

Undersea Adventure

Dive into the magical underwater VR world! Explore the ocean depths, swim with friendly sea creatures and uncover hidden treasures. With its vibrant graphics, kid-friendly gameplay, and educational elements, this game offers an exciting and immersive experience for kids of all ages. Join the adventure today and discover the mysteries of the ocean!

Block Party

Enter the lair of the treacherous and condescending Doc Block. He promises riches beyond your wildest dreams if you can survive...er, finish his block stacking game named after him. Stack the blocks and clear the layers as you race against the clock and the ever lowering spiked ceiling.

Out Of The Abyss

Your belief in extraterrestrial life has led to your abduction. Space soldiers were sent to rescue you but you have to navigate through the alien spaceship to reach them. Can you escape the aliens' clutches and make it out of the abyss?

The Witching Hour

In The Witching Hour, you are an aspiring magical initiate from a coven specializing in exorcisms and must work together with your fellow classmates to find the items tethering the lost souls to this realm. Find those items and complete the ritual to release them into the afterlife. Be prepared. This house is full of horrors and it is up to you and your team to find and complete the tasks before the clock strikes the witching hour.

Carni Chaos

Shoot and blast your way to the highest score with up to 6 people in Carni Chaos! With an array of new weapons every round, you can make your way to the leaderboard, fight off a few extraterrestrials, and claim your victory!

Pirate's Fate

Test your wits with up to 6 players in an epic adventure to escape from the pirate's fate. You will make your way all the way from the brigs, to the top deck to escape. No one is coming to save you, so you must save yourselves... If you're lucky.

S.W.A.T. Extraction

Come join the Megaverse S.W.A.T. team with up to 6 players. Go through a fast paced hostage extraction simulation and see how you handle the pressure.


Use your blaster and shield to block and shoot your way to victory in an epic battle of up to 3 VS 3. Choose your side, get the highest score, and win back Earth.

Corridors Of Horror

Prepare to enter Castle Bravo. Armed with only a flashlight, you and up to 5 other people need to find all of the fuses and restore power to the facility. But be careful. Rumor has it that there may still be some inhabitants left behind.

Dinosaur Island

Get ready to go on a journey with your friends and family to the ancient island of Pangea where you can see some of your favorite dinosaurs up close! With the power of the Megaverse time machine and your guide Roger Shumway, you too can experience the magic of Dinosaur Island!

2092: Murray's Getaway

The year is 2092. You are agent Murray tasked with stealing a valuable asset from Mayor Scripperman. In the process, you are spotted and must make your getaway. This is... Murray's Getaway.

Megaverse theatre platform uses a unique combination of haptic feedback and special effects, designed to better immerse you in our “4D” and mixed reality experiences. This includes everything from real wind and smells to various environmental effects and haptic feedback depending on the experience.

Real Feel VR

You feel the rumble of the floor beneath your feet, the gust of hot air hitting you in the face, the shockwave of explosions around you. Get ready use all your senses!

Play With Friends

Enjoy Megaverse together with other players. You can see, talk and interact with each other in VR. Whether you want to compete or cooperate is your choice...

Freedom Of Movement

You have complete freedom to move around inside our massive VR Theater. No wires or heavy backpacks. No worries about bumping into furniture or pets.