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Exploring Digital is an innovative company exploring the exciting new world of Augmented and Virtual Reality.

Our Story

Dave Walens, CEO of Exploring Digital, founded another company, Exploring, Inc, in 1999 to serve the South's booming trade show industries. Exploring, Inc has steadily added companies in fabrication, 3D themed environments and more, building physical worlds for customers around the globe. Exploring Digital is capitalizing on nearly a quarter-century of 2D and 3D artistic experience at Exploring, Inc and new opportunities in the VR/AR/FX, gaming, training, filmmaking, and other digital frontiers.

Meet Our Team

Dave Walens
Co-Founder & CEO
Matt Kelly
Co-Founder, COO & President
Heather Van Riper
VP of Sales & Marketing
Mikhail Zhavoronkov
Chief Information Officer
Nathaniel Noun
Chief Content Officer
Charles Phanthapannha
Chief Development Officer

Our Clients