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Atlanta Meta World project

Atlanta Meta World is a truly persistent, photo-realistic representation of 22-acre greenspace on Georgia World Congress Center’s campus in the heart of downtown Atlanta, surrounded by attractions, hotels and restaurants. Users can select an avatar and navigate the virtual experience, interacting with other users in real time.

Atlanta Meta World is accessible through a browser, so anyone with a computer and internet connection can enjoy the experience. Atlanta Meta World allows the destination specialists and partner venue representatives to conduct customer presentations to private and public groups before guiding them around the facilities on a virtual tour.

Visitor Center
Centennial Plaza
Reflecting Pool
Southern Company Amphitheater
Quilt Of Nations
Fountain Of Rings
Massively scaled

realistic 3D environment, which can continue to expand with complex and engaging partner experiences.


with Ready Player Me avatar integration allowing for interoperability as well as the planned integration of Blockchain and NFT technology.


as users entering the world experience the same events at the same time, real time, and can communicate with each other via voice or text.


because the world is live 24/7, and any changes to the environment are not reset unless done as part of an update.

Effectively unlimited users

since the number of concurrent users in one instance is practically limited to 100-150, but multiple instances can co-exist simultaneously.

Individual sense of presence

with customizable avatars, user-controlled movement, spatial sound and proximity-based interactions.